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 About 52 Short Lives: 

I'll keep the description short and sweet: every week for a year I'll read and write about a different short story. Not too complicated right? 

The short story is a fantastic but often undervalued medium of storytelling. Novels, films, television shows and podcasts seem to get all the attention these days, and there's so much content it can be tough to decide what to get into next. If you're anything like me you have watch lists, and book recs you'd need entire lifetimes to catch up on. Not to mention time isn't the only thing we commit when we start a story. There's also a lot of emotional investment, and sometimes, we just don't have it in us to start an eight season show with a cast of thirty characters. There are only so many characters we can invest in and only so much time to learn the stories of all these lives.  So I made it simple for myself: how about I keep it short and sweet? How about just 52 stories?

Every week for a year I'll read a short story. Some I'll have read before, some will be brand new to me. Some might be considered classics, some you've probably never heard of. This blog is not "the 52 greatest short stories of all time" list nor is there anything connecting these stories together thematically beyond that fact that 1. I read them that week and 2. they fall into the category "short story". My hope with this project is to enjoy and hopefully spark enjoyment in others in the little underappreciated sibling of the storytelling world. 

Updates on Fridays!

 About Kristen Cote: 

Kristen is Canadian writer and lover of stories. She graduated from Western in April of 2020 with a double major in the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities and an Honours Specialization in Creative Writing and English Language and Literature.  She loves genre fiction, and cherry coke, but fiction seemed like an easier thing to write a blog about. Check out her own writing, including her own collection of short stories on her writing portfolio. 

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